User permissions and two factor authentication

If your institution uses Mapa, you can make most users on your company account require two-factor authentication when logging in. This kind of extra secureness step is a wonderful way to assist protect your account and account details from hackers who have are trying to grab or guess them.

When you enable 2FA, access to content requires both equally a valid username and password and a verification code that only the authenticated individual can obtain via their preferred method. That is a powerful security measure that helps prevent unauthorized access to your data and protects against many prevalent cyber strategies, including hacking, credential padding, and accounts takeovers.

Applying an authenticator app is the foremost option for many users, however you can also use a hardware expression that supports the RUFFIE protocol for instance a YubiKey. This is certainly a small USB device that provides one-time passwords (OTP) to confirm individuality. Once you have 2FA enabled, your users will see a Two-Factor Authentication indicator when they sign in to Mapa. Toggle the indicator to allow it and follow the onscreen instructions to create their second type of identification.

You can also surgery technology temporarily halt two-factor authentication for certain users for the short period of time by simply clicking the Actions press button on their user profile. You have a few different options meant for how long you want to pause 2FA, and it will quickly turn back upon when the selected time has approved.