From 1806 to 1813, this city was managed by the Russian-Montenegrin administration and then fell under French occupation, after which it again passed to the Austro-Hungarians. But there are specific situations if you have planty time of rental left. In that case we agree to return you a part of rental sum. This is fixed by the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, 1968. Whenever I come to Serbia, I always book a taxi from the airport to the city centre. Drivers are well-dressed, helpful, and their cars are tidy.

Taxi transfer from Budva to airport Tirana cost 170 € per vehicle. Please pay attention that border crossing know to be very busy, and if you need to catch the plane inform us about that. We have chauffeurs familiar with the situation at the border crossing, and they can suggest best departure time. Don’t allow to miss your flight, journey takes at least three hours and thirty minutes.

Most often, this category of cars is planned for long tourist trips to the beaches or mountainous areas, as well as to forest reserves and jungles. You can arrange a lot of things, suitcases, bicycles or even a small dining table in the back of the car. You have to pay for luggage on the intercity bus. On local routes, a suitcase or backpack can be taken into the cabin. They must not interfere with other passengers. The driver will tell you about this in advance, if the car has a luggage compartment, he will rearrange things there.

At Go Montenegro we are focused on providing you with an easy way to get a taxi in Budva. Now you can quickly and easily book a taxi in Budva online from anywhere. Payment page is security page secured by our NLB bank. We never see your card details so they can’t be neither stored. You have to return the same level of petrol received. You must advice us about that because you need company permission to cross the border and additional insurance.


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Based on your preferences, needs and opportunities, you can always choose exactly what interests you. Choosing CARNGO rent a car, you can expect that you will have at your disposal a fully serviceable car, with a clean and well-groomed interior, ready for any trip. Here is the largest selection of cars for rent, so renting a car in Budva is not a problem at all. It’s also nice that the deposit for a car here is very small, and in some cases, it doesn’t exist at all, which makes car rental in Montenegro very affordable. Here you can use both global rental services (Hertz, MyrentCar, etc.) and contact local rental companies, where conditions can be more favorable. You can also rent a car “from hand”, but you need to contact only verified contacts.

Knowing everything about transport in Montenegro, tourists pay the driver, it’s cheaper. You need to give under the calculation, there is not always change. For intercity flights, the purchase of a ticket is allowed only at the box office, but if the landing is on the way, you can buy it from the driver. They offer the service of packing luggage with a film – 7 Euro.

Accommodation rental

For this feature, the species received its second name – a high-capacity wagon. Due to desperate public transportation, service taxi from Budva to Tirana airport & city – Albania, is very oft-recurring demand. Especially expressed number of requests for these transfers такси будва is during the summer tourist season in Montenegro. From any place at Budva Riviera you can schedule your voyage in our association. During the beach season, prices in Budva increase by 2 times, but even then it’s cheaper to relax here than in any other European city.

Taxi from Budva to Dubrovnik

Therefore, a taxi in Budva should be ordered only through local services. You can also take a car from the street, but make sure it’s an official taxi service, as locals can charge much higher prices. There were cases when tourists were asked for 200 euros for a 15-minute trip from Budva to Sveti Stefan.

Sea transport runs between the resorts of Montenegro. These are tourist pleasure schooners, overpriced. They are not used for moving within the country, only for excursions and boat trips. This is all about transport in Montenegro cannot be considered popular.

You can get a discount from the driver if it was not provided at the checkout. This unspoken rule applies to all flights – within the city or intercity. The younger the child, the higher the chance to save on travel. Don’t worry, our Taxi company use flight radar app tracking system to plan for delays or cancelation. If this happens, no worry, your driver will change the pick-up time to suit, and wait for 45 minutes once your plane lands.

Best Minivan Rentals near Budva, Montenegro. Cheapest prices

Montenegro is a small country, but with developed public transport. Trips from one resort to another take from 20 minutes to 3 hours. But before that, you need to learn everything about transport in Montenegro, so as not to waste time on long trips. In addition to the fact that you can take individual excursions in Budva by car, sea trips without crowds of tourists are also available to you. Excursions on a private yacht or speedboat to the most remote corners will definitely not leave you indifferent. In addition, the Bay of Kotor is fraught with many beautiful places where you cannot get to without a boat.

High-capacity wagons are designed to travel on city roads around Budva, but they are also suitable for traveling by small companies or families. Due to the height of the body and spaciousness of the cabin, even long trips in this type of car do not cause discomfort and fatigue. Despite the high capacity, driving a minivan does not require a special driver’s license for the bus, because formally it is a light transport. If you are planning to move to a new home, or you need to transport bulky cargo, this can be quite expensive. Rent a minivan at an affordable price from us and get a vehicle that is perfect for your purposes. Our website offers a wide selection of minivans with a large amount of free space, which allows you to carry not only luggage and cargo, but also passengers.

Before your trip, we’ll email you pick-up instructions and contact
details for your
driver. Keep your phone to hand, as the driver will also be able to get
in touch with
you. Most trips go ahead without issue, but our help centre team is
available 24-7 if
you need us.

The taxis arrive in no time and took us to Jaz beach without problems as well. Price wise they charged us regular prices as on the taxi meter, whereas another company charged us much more when we first arrived. Taxi from Budva to Tirana city is transport which we are conducting at the price of 190 €. That price also covers all transfer expenses, valid up to four persons in one car, with drop of point to any hotel in Tirana city area. Journey also should be booked and confirmed by our side at least three hours beforehand.

Therefore, you can choose a place to your taste. Another, perhaps the most comfortable option is to rent a car. You can rent a car at Tivat or Podgorica airport quickly and without problems. The main thing is to book a car in advance because in the summer there can be no available cars. In the summer tourist season, it is not easy to get a taxi in Budva, due to the large number of visitors to the tourism capital. Yes, we ask our Clients to make an advance payment of 10-15% depending on the amount of the order to guarantee the reservation.

If you need a quiet and peaceful area near the sea – choose Podkoshlyun, Babilonia, Rosine or Lazi. Like all Montenegrin cities, Budva is quite compact, but nevertheless it has as many as 18 districts, so it can be quite difficult for visitors to choose a place to stay in Budva.

In all other cases additional fee is 30 euro for each (pick up/drop off). All prices are per vehicle.There is no additional cost. Let us worry of transportation, you choose the right place and time, and we will be there to welcome you. This type of vehicle is suitable for transfers in private where you will not have to share a vehicle with other passengers. For tourists with a Schengen visa, a route to Italy from Bar is open. There is a ferry from the City, which stays in Bari.

It often makes no sense to book excursions online, because upon arrival you will find many travel companies that can give you an additional discount. During its ownership, Budva constantly changes hands. It was under the auspices of the Greek and Roman civilizations, in the middle century it constantly wandered from Serbian feudal lords to Zeta ones. At the beginning of the same century, the city became the first part of the Austrian and then the Austro-Hungarian Empire.