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The height of the carriageway of the bridge from the river Tara is 172 meters. At the time of completion, it was the largest automobile concrete arch bridge in Europe. In memory of the feat of the engineer was erected a monument, which stands at the entrance to the bridge. After the retreat of the Italian troops, the damaged arch was restored and the bridge serves up to this day attracting and amazing crowds of tourists from all over the world. Bar – is the administrative center of the municipality Bar located on the Adriatic coast.


“Durmitor” national park with a total area of 390 km 2, was established in 1952, includes the massif of Durmitor, the Tara River Canyon, Susica and Draga, as well as the upper part of the plateau Komarnica. The tourist infrastructure is concentrated around the town of Zabljak, in which the cognominal resort for winter sports is located, and in summer it is possible to engage in alpinism and hiking. There are 18 glacial lakes, the most popular is  Tzorno Ezero (“Black Lake”). Lovćen is a mountain and a national park in the south-west of Montenegro. The main attraction of the canyon is the Djurdjevic Bridge, built in 1940, for a long time it was the only road linking the south and the north of Montenegro. The bridge consists of 5 arches and has a length of 365 meters, the length of the largest span is 116 meters.

Lovcen National Park and the first capital of Montenegro – Cetinje

A unique color is given by numerous palaces, temples, squares, and of course the fortress wall – the second largest in the world, built to defend the fortress and the city from enemy sieges. будва подгорица расстояние We suggest you to walk along the mountain path and listen to an interesting legend about Egor Stroganov and enjoy panoramic views of Sveti Stefan, Milocer, Royal beach and Budva.

Sokol Gorge (Grlo Sokolovo), statue of Jesus, the river Tsievna, Montenegrin Niagara

Montenegro is a small resort country on the Adriatic coast with unsurpassed panoramic views, bottomless bays, high mountains and clear lakes, as well as ancient cities with ancient castles. Delivery fee to Russia and countries of Former USSR depends on the city of delivery and varies from $0 to $12. Boka Kotorska Bay is the gate of the Adriatic, and Kotor is its highlight. Kotor was founded in the VI century BC and most of its history was under the authority of the Roman Empire and Byzantium, therefore Venetian style is seen in its architecture and narrow streets.

The history of the foundation of the city goes far into the Bronze Age, for the whole history of existence it was part of Byzantium, the kingdom of Dyukla, the Ottoman Empire and absorbed features of different cultures and religions. The Old Bar, located at the foot of Mount Rumia, is 4 km from the sea, and has about 240 buildings. But since the old town was almost completely destroyed in 1878, many of the monuments reached us only in the form of ruins. One of the oldest monuments of the old city is the gate of the 10th-11th centuries. Ruins of the St. George cathedral of the XI century and two churches – St. Catharines and Sts. Veneranda, as well as some of their monuments from the era of Turkish rule (the aqueduct of the XVI-XVII centuries, the tower built in the 1753) and the Omerbashich mosque with the minaret (1662) and the tomb of Dervish Khachan (XVII century) are very remarkable.

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Tara River Canyon – is the deepest canyon in Europe (1,300 m) and the second largest in the world (second only after the Grand Canyon in USA). Its length is about 80 km and it is located between the mountain Sinyaevina Durmitor from one side and Ljubišnja and Golden Boron from the other. Tara River Canyon is part of the Durmitor National Park and has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979. The canyon is very popular among the rafting enthusiasts and has several camps equipped with special kayaks and boats. The canyon is amazing with its majesty and beauty, the vaults of the mountains reaching the sky, the raging waters of the mountain river fascinate the view.